The comet, a severed starfish appendage, stores nutrients in its arm until it is able to regrow its mouth.
“Nearly 55 years ago it was demonstrated that planarians could be trained to learn a task, and following amputation of the head, the animals regenerating from the original tail sections remembered the original training.”
von Neumann probes

An efficient, cost effective method for space exploration, the “universal assembler” von Neumann probe builds itself from raw materials found on alien terrains. Nanobot probes are accelerated to near the speed of light by a future technology. Needle-like starships by the billions, propagating like a seed or a virus. Whatever survives copies itself and continues on or observes its surroundings. Molecules engineered like a nature-built factory, replicate on a distant moon.

Perhaps a one kilogram egg launched into space, made of a mix of electrical and biological components, hatches to build an energy collector to propel itself onward using solar power and extraterrestrial fuel sources from nearby rocks and gases. The astrochicken can send reports through radio signals back to Earth.
Aphid reproduction

A female aphid is capable of reproducing asexually without egg fertilization through parthenogenesis. Not only can an aphid independently make copies of herself, inside of the offspring is another fully formed aphid embryo. The telescoping of three generations within a single aphid produces a copy of a copy of a copy.
Yogurt recipe from memory

1 part yogurt with live active cultures (from previous batch of yogurt)

400 parts milk (whole milk is preferrable)

To prevent scalding the milk, rinse pot with cold water. Add milk and heat until it begins to simmer and bubbles form around the edge of the milk. Remove milk from heat and cool until milk is warm to the touch. Scoop out some milk into a small bowl. Add in yogurt and mix until blended. Pour yogurt mixture into the pot and mix until blended. Wrap the pot in a blanket (such as a lightweight flannel receiving blanket) and keep in a warm place overnight (for 6-12 hours). Refrigerate.
structural anomaly
self-activation (healing)
waves (air)